• Do We Need Systems In Our Small Businesses?

    Do We Need Systems In Our Small Businesses?

    I seem to spend loads of time every day explaining to people why systems in their business are so important. However, it seems as if the message only sinks in about 30% of the time. Everyone appreciates the value of good, solid systems in even the most tiny business – but when it comes to actually putting systems in place all kinds of “problems” surface which delay setting systems up – sometimes for ever.

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  • Recession Busting Tips Report

    Recession Busting Tips Report

    I originally wrote the Recession Busting Tips Report in October 2008 when the recession was still a “credit crunch”. I wanted to give clients some helpful hints in how to survive and maybe even prosper as the economy sank and the public mood sank with it along with jobs, while business bankruptcies and debts started to rocket.

    I have often given a copy of this report to new clients as an idea of the sort of help they can expect from me over time and…

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  • Xero – Bookkeeping In The 21st Century

    Xero is fast becoming the bookkeeping platform of choice for small and medium sized businesses in the Coalville and Loughborough area with our help. If you are look for a simple, reliable and powerful accounting solution – give me a ring today and see how Xero can bring your business into the 21st Century.

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  • Every Client Will Get This In 2013 – And Beyond

    My plan to help clients grow in 2013 is by providing pro-active support, timely and relevant information, powerful tools to monitor progress towards known goals and a permanent record of all of this in “The Numbers” folder. The following short video gives you a taster of some of these…

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  • My Commitment To Local Businesses

    My Commitment To Local Businesses

    We are proud to be able to officially call ourselves Accountants Changing The World.

    You can find full details here Accountants Changing The World

    In simple terms, what that means is that we have signed a formal public commitment document to give business like yours free professional support and advice that will help you to…

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  • Announcing My New Board View Service

    Announcing My New Board View Service

    Did you know that every single one of the UK’s most successful and most profitable businesses have one thing in common?

    And did you know that this one thing that the most successful businesses have in common is also the one thing that very few owner managed businesses do?

    It then logically follows, doesn’t it, that if you do this one thing in the way that the most successful businesses are already doing it, you will:

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  • New SureStart Service Launched For Start-Up Businesses

    New SureStart Service Launched For Start-Up Businesses

    I have been talking to a number of new business start-ups lately and there is clearly a need for a service tailored specifically for new businesses that helps them in their first year of trading. I am offering loads of advice, help and support for an agreed fee. No surprise bills and no limit to the amount of phone calls and meetings in the first 12 months…

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  • And About Time Too!

    And About Time Too!

    I know, I know…. It has been too long since I last posted here. I can’t explain why – I simply don’t know why. Maybe I lost my mojo… maybe I have been too busy… maybe I simply forgot.

    Anyway, over the past few months I have been tackling a new tax and accounts production suite, developing my long relationship with TCM (my paperless office program since 2001), studying hard with my Professional Development responsibilities, working hard with some fantastic new clients and gradually catching up with a huge backlog of work.

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