Do We Need Systems In Our Small Businesses?

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I seem to spend loads of time every day explaining to people why systems in their business are so important.  However, it seems as if the message only sinks in about 30% of the time.  Everyone appreciates the value of good, solid systems in even the most tiny business – but when it comes to actually putting systems in place …

Recession Busting Tips

Recession Busting Tips Report

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I originally wrote the Recession Busting Tips Report in October 2008 when the recession was still a “credit crunch”. I wanted to give clients some helpful hints in how to survive and maybe even prosper as the economy sank and the public mood sank with it along with jobs, while business bankruptcies and debts started to rocket.

I have often given a copy of this report to new clients as an idea of the sort of help they can expect from me over time and…

HMRC change RTI goalposts

HMRC Delay RTI For Small Business

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Yesterday HMRC announced they have “agreed” to delay the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) for small business employers with less than 50 employees.

HMRC say they recognize that some small employers who pay weekly, or more frequently (?), but who only process their payroll monthly may need longer to adapt to RTI reporting.

So, employers with less than 50 employees will have until the 5th October 2013 before they are required to operate their payrolls in real time but are (generously) allowed to use RTI if they want to.

Goal Setting

Goal Setting For Small Business

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While there are many businesses that are out there that seem to function only to make it from quarterly report to quarterly report, those businesses that are the most successful are those that start out with a solid business plan and solid business goals before moving forward. Small business should always pay attention to their own goals, as this is what can turn a small business into a giant of the business world and take the owner of that business to unprecedented heights.