Announcing My New Board View Service

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Did you know that every single one of the UK’s most successful and most profitable businesses have one thing in common?

And did you know that this one thing that the most successful businesses have in common is also the one thing that very few owner managed businesses do?

It then logically follows, doesn’t it, that if you do this one thing in the way that the most successful businesses are already doing it, you will:

E-Marketplace Disclosure Facility Closes Soon

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The Tax Office “amnesty” of reduced penalties for e-marketplace and e-auction website traders, that started on the 14th March 2012, is drawing to a close. The intention to make a disclosure has to be lodged with HMRC by the 14th June 2012 and the completed disclosure form and payment should reach HMRC by the 14th September 2012.

HMRC claim that penalties levied under this scheme will be capped at a maximum of 10% of the tax due, and in some cases waived altogether.

This is the latest scheme to try and encourage unregistered tax payers to fall into line…

What Now?

New SureStart Service Launched For Start-Up Businesses

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I have been talking to a number of new business start-ups lately and there is clearly a need for a service tailored specifically for new businesses that helps them in their first year of trading. I am offering loads of advice, help and support for an agreed fee. No surprise bills and no limit to the amount of phone calls and meetings in the first 12 months…

HMRC change RTI goalposts

What If You Can’t Pay Your VAT?

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This is a question that has come up several times recently. Now the 20% rate has been with us for a while, small businesses are finding it harder and harder to meet their quarterly obligations. The trouble is that cash flow is hard work now and many small businesses are finding the VAT is getting swallowed up in day to day trading.

Bookkeeping – Is There Another Way?

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  Go on…Imagine the benefits to your business if you were not bogged down and held back with the drudgery, hassle and pressure of maintaining your own business books and records. What could you do with that extra time? Concentrate on building  new customer relationships?  How much extra profit could those customers earn for your business year after year after …

HMRC change RTI goalposts

What Is The Plumber Tax Safe Plan?

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HM Revenue & Customs have decided to offer a “disclosure opportunity” to those engaged in the plumbing and heating business. I have been asked recently why the government would do this! I could think of a few unprintable answers to this but a number of amnesties have been offered in the past few years to different areas of business and relating to specific areas of income.

The problem HMRC have is that the whole system of Self Assessment is based on the notion that people tell HMRC the truth about their income and work out their own tax liabilities based on that income

Company Car Issues

New Mileage Allowances From HMRC for 2011 Onwards

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Our ever generous government, following hot on the heels of the magnanimous 1p per litre cut in the fuel duty on Budget day last month, have finally increased the mileage allowance that employees are allowed to be paid tax free by their employers.

Don’t get too excited. The change only relates to the first 10,000 miles and from 6th April 2011 the rate has increased from 40p/mile to a staggering 45p/mile. The rates for more than 10,000 miles in a tax year remains at 25p/mile.

I am being a bit scarcastic because a 12.5% increase after so many years only takes us back to the pre 2002 Authorised Mileage Rate of, yes you guessed it, 45p per mile.