Have You Made A Will Yet?

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Now that the Tax madness which seems to accompany every January has abated, it is time to look at what happens when the other certainty in life gets us. Taxes get us regularly, but the other, Death, fortunately only gets us once.

The statement of our last wishes, and how we would like our earthly property to be distributed, is known as a “Last Will and Testament”, or Will for short.

This topic has been mentioned quite regularly on recent editions of Breakfast Television and of course highlighted every day by the BBC program Heir Hunters

Chris Graduates From Oxford

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Now that Oxford has done all it can for Chris, what hope is there for the 2009 graduates? The recession is still holding recruitment to minimal levels. By the time things pick up there will be a new batch of graduates coming through next year. The 2009 graduates are in danger of becoming the forgotten year. Such a shame as Chris and his peers are a group of seriously talented young minds and I can’t bear the thought that they are going to be let down by the government.

Who Is Likely To Succeed In Business?

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I am in a priviliged position in the work I do. I come across people at all stages of their business lives and so have a good awareness of which people will succeed, or not. I am surprised regularly by people about to start a business. When we sit down to discuss their plans, I find out they don’t have …