Webinars Are Coming

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I know I have been discussing the putting together of a series of seminars on various business topics for some time and I really did intend to get these started. However, a helpful client recently said that seminars are really 20th Century things and that I should look to presenting Webinars instead. It is true that Seminars are expensive to …

My New Shopping Cart Has Autoresponder Service Built In

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You will have noticed a steady stream of jiggling going on with this site of late. Different themes, different front page content, different allsorts!

I can’t really apologize because overall, it is in the site’s, and our own, best interests.

I am moving to a membership site as things develop. Don’t worry, it will still be free as always,

These Marketing Tactics Aren’t Relevant To My Business – Are They?

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A client, whom I shall call “Emma” here called round this morning and returned a copy of Paul Gorman’s book “How to out-sell, out market, out promote, out advertise everyone else you compete against before they even know what hit them” that I lent to her some months ago. “I don’t see how most of the stuff in this book …

Do You Know Who Your Target Audience Is?

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It is absolutely vital that you know who your Target Audience is. Why? Because if you send out marketing materials to people that are not likely to need your products/services – you are wasting your time and valuable resources. How do you know who your Target Audience is? Your TA is simply the people that you would like to do …