7 Great Lies Of Mlm – The Truth About Mlm’s Lies

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Struggling in a network marketing business is nothing new. If you are pushing the proverbial barrow uphill and not making any progress then consider this; the network marketing landscape is changing and changing fast.

More to the point, the way people are being taught to attract prospects is changing and if you’re still fumbling around using old school methods then it’s time to reassess your position. Ann Sieg drummed home some important points in her classic report about the 7 Great Lies Of MLM recently and confirmed what most have suspected for a long time…the old school methods don’t work anymore.

That’s not to say prospecting friends and family won’t get you the odd sign up but in the 21st century, the emphasis is now on building a business fast and that means attracting prospects fast and in numbers.

Okay, what are the 7 great lies of network marketing we’re talking about. In this article, we’re going to list them and see if they resonate with you.

7 Great Lies Of MLM

1. The first of the 7 Great Lies Of MLM is that everyone’s your prospect. In other words, you’ve probably been told to approach everyone who looks like a suspect; your family, friends, the local butcher, greengrocer, insurance rep…basically anyone within arms length of you.

2. This business is not really sales and no skill is required. In fact, people just share products.

3. Anyone with blood flowing through their veins can do this business!

4. You’ll have your business built for you. All you’ve got to do is sign up!

5. You will be dealing with the best, life changing products.

6. You are failing because you don’t have enough belief.

7. You will be working with a proven system. Simply rinse and repeat what you’ve been taught.

Now there is no doubt that this will resonate with a lot of network marketers and the truth is, the result of the above has contributed to an awful attrition rate – over 90% of MLMers will bail out of their business within their first three months.

So which of the above is the worst of the 7 Great Lies Of MLM? Undoubtedly, it’s the first. Why? Because the reality is, not everyone is looking for a business opportunity.

The result of going into MLM with the view that everyone’s a prospect is hit and miss prospecting with “the miss” factor being the overwhelming result. This leads to quick dejection resulting from constant rejection and in quick fashion, abandoning the business.

The secret to growing a successful network marketing business is targeted prospecting. Not only that, but putting your offer in front of a hungry home business opportunity crowd who will respond by chasing you for more information.

Now wouldn’t that be a change from constantly harassing friends, family and acquaintances and getting the cold shoulder treatment.

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