Ltd Company Filing Deadline Changed At Companies House

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The government are at it again. Tinkering with deadlines for no real reason other than trying to trip people up and rake in some penalties – which have also gone up as well.

The Companies Act 2006 is now in force.

The deadline for filing Limited Company accounts has been reduced from 10 months after the year end to 9 months after the year end. This new law starts for accounting periods commencing on or after 6th April 2008 [private_basic]so that means (for our own year end of the 31st May 2009) that our accounts now have to be at Companies House by 31st January 2010. This change means the corporation tax payment date and statutory filing date for each private company is now about the same. Our own corporation tax will be due on the 1st February as normal, just one day after the new deadline.  Public companies have even less time as their accounts are now due just 6 months after the year end.

There is still talk of changing the Self Assessment filing deadline from 31st January to 30th November but so far that hasn’t happened – but I am sure it will next year.

The late filing penalty at Companies House can now reach up to £1,500. A huge amount. And despite the changes, Companies House still don’t have the facility of receiving accounts electronically so make sure you send them by post well before the deadline and check on the internet that they have been received and filed in time.

Other recent changes brought in with the Companies Act 2006 are:-

  • that a 16 year old can be a company director
  • you no longer have to have a company secretary by law
  • you no longer have to hold an AGM
  • you no longer need a unanimous vote for resolutions
  • you no longer need a court order to make capital reductions.

Lots of changes then to catch the unaware director and huge penalties to punish you with should you fall foul of any one of them.

Some changes are good though.  If you register for filing forms on-line on the Companies House website, they will no longer accept paper forms from your company.  This is hoped to stop the tide of company identity theft that is rife at the moment by unscrupulous people fraudulently filing change of director and registered office forms.  Don’t delay with this one – register today!

Also, from the 1st October 2009 director’s addresses are protected from disclosure.  Each director can have a service address for public record and their home address.  If you don’t change your service address online after 1st October 2009 then Companies House will assume the service address and your private address are the same – so make a diary note and file a service address on the 1st October 2009 if you want to keep your private address away from prying eyes!


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