New National Minimum Wage Starts Tomorrow

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A timely reminder…Don’t forget that the new minimum hourly wage rates apply from tomorrow – 1st October 2009.  This is something that seems to slip by business owners without them realizing each year.  

For reference the new hourly rates that apply for pay reference periods starting on or after 1st October 2009 are as follows:-

[private_basic]Main rate for workers aged 22 and over  £5.80

Rate for workers aged 18-21  £4.83

Rate for workers aged 16-17 and over compulsory school age  £3.57

Accommodation offset rate (Weekly maximum)  £31.57

Accommodation offset rate – Daily  £4.51

There are some more changes coming next October (2010) as the government are set to reduce the age for the main rate down to 21 year-olds.  Employers are also being reminded by the Tax Office that they should be filing all their employee paperwork on-line.  Most of us have been doing this for some years now taking advantage of the tax free bounty offered for on-line filing of the year end P35 forms but the honeymoon will soon be over.  As from 6th April 2010 all employee forms, for starters, finishers, as well as the P35 and P14 end of year forms should all be filed on-line.

If you are having problems with this and would like us to take over your payroll to ensure you do not fall foul of the new penalty regime which also starts 6th April 2010, please ring me for a free, no-obligation chat about how we can run your payroll remotely and efficiently on 0800 047 0731.

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