When Will Spaceship Government Return to Planet Reality?

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I apologize for this post as I do not normally write about policital issues but…

I was woken up at 7am this morning by a news bulletin that the Government have announced a pledge to reduce public expenditure by £12bn over the next 4 years.

Last week there was a scandal about the RBS brokers being given huge bonuses for making some money for the bank at last.  Why reward them for merely doing their jobs? shout the huge majority.  If they are not given these multi-million pound bonuses they will look elsewhere for a job retorted the government.  Who cares? reply the huge majority.  [private_basic]It was exactly those brokers who caused the bank’s  near collapse and the government was forced into handing over £billions to just keep the bank alive.  Why will the government not force, as a major shareholder now in RBS, those potential bonuses to be repaid to the Treasury as reward for the bank being bailed out?

Too controversial I expect.  Instead they have announced a one year “windfall” tax on the bonuses.  Wow – nice one Gordon.

So, instead of taking the opportunity to claw back some of the money the Bank was “given”, the government are taking a much smaller bite in taxes, or NIC or something – they don’t seem to have decided quite how yet.

Back then to the announcement this morning.  £12bn cuts eh…  Public services are already pared to the bone and now, when crime is rising at a fast rate, one proposal is to stop sending Bobbies on the beat around in pairs and force them to patrol alone instead.  How long will it be before these lone patrols are attacked and injured?  Not long I bet.  The Police are expected themselves to save a huge £1.5bn by cutting back on cars and heaven knows what else at a time when they are already well underfunded.

Come on Gordon – for heavens sake put the whole country out of it’s misery and call an election now.  You should have had the courage to to it shortly after you took over from Tony – but you didn’t.  You are a lame duck prime minister without any credibility and making the most stupid financial decisions possible.

Perhaps if you stop spending £billions on tax credits to buy your votes when you finally call an election, you could leave enough for a full budget for well run public services, including police, fire, ambulance, old people’s homes etc…

It is no wonder people vote labour when every parent with children earning up to £50,000 pa are likely to be eligible for tax credits in some form.  I would love to know how much this is costing us – perhaps you would like to comment Gordon…

Will you also give the supervisory powers back to the Bank of England that you stripped from it?  I doubt it because you never acknowledge a mistake – do you?  If the banking system is so crucial that you couldn’t allow a couple of badly run banks to fail, why did you remove the supervisory role?  It beggars belief.  What did you think would happen if there were any problems? 

I know for a fact that there are £millions being wasted in just one hospital trust simply because they run their building expenditure on excel spreadsheets, none of which “talk” to each other so errors are not picked up.  No-one at that trust understands their spreadsheet based accounting system and even the people running it don’t know how to print off simple reports that balance.  If this is the case at one trust, what kind of mess is there countrywide just in this area alone?

I also know for a fact that the 2009 Self Assessments being worked on at the moment are giving rise to some of the largest tax bills small businesses have seen for a long time.  All the deferred increases and sneak tactics have now settled and people’s eyes are watering this christmas.  And on top of that, VAT is going back up in three weeks or so to punish us all a bit more.  I personally saw no benefit from the reduction in the rate as most prices didn’t change – you didn’t really expect them to did you Gordon?  Retailers mostly kept the reduction for themselves.  But I bet we will all see an increase in prices when it goes back up.

I also know for a fact that many honest business people are outraged that the “illegal” economy is still allowing unfair competition.  There are more and more people now who choose to openly flout the rules and trade illegally.  Not paying tax, dealing in drugs, doing cigarette runs to the continent, earning cash and not declaring it, not registering for VAT when they should etc… why do they do it?  Because the government has let in so many people they have no idea who is doing what – that’s why.  Car washes pop up and disappear overnight.  Taxis operate illegally.  Limo hire firms flout the rules.  Illegal workers are still being paid cash at a low rate per hour under the minimum wage.

I for one am sick of the way my country is going. 

It seems that few dare speak out in case they are labelled racist, facist, homophobic, anti-british, or any other of the dozens of labels flying about at the moment.  Look at what happened to Nick Griffin about BBC Questiontime to see what I mean. 

I want to see strong leadership.  I want to know where my country is heading over the next year, five years, twenty years.  I want to see financial responsibility in the running of all government departments and local authorities coupled with accountability.  I want to see the banks repaying the public investment over a known plan with no bonuses paid out until the brokers have redeemed themselves and brought stability back to their employers.  I want to see properly funded public services, again with proper control and accountability.  I want benefits paid to those that need them.  I want immigrants to only be allowed if they are financially viable.  I want those immigrants who are here to live under our rules and not in the illegal economy – and deported immediately if they refuse.

Is my little list too much to ask?

The sad thing is I don’t know who else is fit to govern.  The Tories should be having a field day at the moment but they are not showing me they are a government in waiting.  The Liberal Democrats are not acting that way either. 

What a tragic place our once brilliant country has found itself in.


Ray Stewart
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