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If a close friend of yours went from making around £20,000 making money with affiliate program online to making over £65,000 in a short period of time, would you want to know how they did it?

Of course you would!

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Wouldn’t you want to grill them for every detail about their affiliate opportunities and every insight? You’d want to know how to take what worked for them and apply it to your own life. I know your answer should be a resounding yes, isn’t it?  Well, I know that I would want to hear the ins and outs of how they got from point A to point B. I would also want to know how much work it took, what kind of methods was used and how I could do it too.

That sounds about the same things that you would want to know. Some friends would not want to tell you for fear that you would exceed them and you might have other friends that would not spare the information because they wanted you to succeed.

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Well, most Internet Marketers only share the secrets that they use for profit, which means that you have to buy their digital books first before you can find out any kind of information. Sometimes, too, this may be outdated information that has no use to you by the time it gets to you.

If I was your close friend and happened to be selling this type of information, I personally think that I would rather give you something that you could work with and not sell you something that only gathers dust on your desktop.

This is what a lot of Internet Marketers do to the unsuspecting and it really makes me angry when I think about how many people are so gullible enough to fall for that same old trick over and over.

Don’t get me wrong. I was one of those that fell for it too, but after a while, I got fed up with all the crap and decided to do my own research to find out what is working and what is not.

Do you want to know what I did? I spied on my competition. Yes, I did. Shameful, you may think? But wait. This is part of what market research is all about and the Internet is no different. You let someone else do the hard work and you just use the tools available to you to spy on what they are doing and emulate it.

I did not say copy. I said emulate and those two are different. I also used the old method of affiliate marketing to create an income stream so that I did not have to go to the extent of promoting my own product and dealing with refunds, emails and customer support.

If you want to really find out what others are doing to make money on the Internet, then I would highly recommend that you see this. Go to Make Money with Affiliate Programs right now at Top earning affiliate program.

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I am a qualified Certified Practising Accountant having passed my final exams way back in 1981. I actually can’t believe that was 37 years ago!! Anyway, I am now in my 60’s and I have been running my own business since May 1983. And before you ask, no, I have never regretted a moment of it! Part of the membership requirements of my professional body now dictate that I spend quite a lot of time on “CPD” - continuing professional education (one of their better ideas) - and over the last two years I decided to study business growth and marketing. I have learnt such a lot and that knowledge has radically changed my old “accountants” approach to business. It has made such a difference to the way I work and operate I feel that I just have to pass on this knowledge. It is simply too powerful to hold back!! - but I will try and do it in simple terms rather than expecting you to spend hours, as I had to, working through the difficult language that trainers seem to use to pass on their concepts. I hope you find the blog a useful resource and interesting place to visit as the months pass. I will do my best to keep up the flow - but if there are any topics you would like me to cover, then please let me know. Ray Stewart
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