Seminars – What A Pain In The Ear!

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I was all excited last week to be heading off to an internet marketing seminar in a posh hotel in Leeds.  I arrived early on an overcast morning and as the seminar got underway the temperature outside started climbing.  I was engrossed in what Ed was telling us and never noticed how wet I was getting from perspiration.  By lunch I was dripping but fortunately the content kept my attention away from just how hot I was getting – but by the close I knew there was something not right with me.  Over the next day or so my temperature started to rise and by the end of the week I was in agony with an ear infection.

Sue and I were booked to go and have a weekend in Bath without the kids and I was determined to go.  But by the time we got home Sunday evening I was dragged along to the NHS Walk In Centre with the left side of my face bulging out with infection.   So, armed with a new course of pills, I spent the next few days spent climbing the walls until things started to settle down again.  Today, Saturday, I still have I full day left on the pills and am 80% better.

I apologize to all who have been trying to contact me this week but I have never had pain like it before and I couldn’t focus on anything at all.  I will be catchiing up next week as quickly as possible.

I don’t really think my ear infection was Ed’s fault from his seminar – I was obviously on a downhill slope at the time so apologies Ed!

All I have to do now is try and remember all the internet marketing tips I was given – and the entire fortnight will not have been totally wasted!

What did come out of my two trips to doctors last weekend is that I have skin cancer on my face which needs dealing with urgently – so of course my appointment was rushed through for 7 weeks time.  Not too impressive.  A bit like the NHS Walk In Centre last Sunday – no doctor was in attendance between 1pm and 10pm Sunday so I was relatively lucky to have gone over just before 10pm and only had to wait an hour or so.  Aparantly Doctors are not obliged to provide cover for us mortals at such inconvenient times as a Sunday afternoon so it is totally hit and miss if a doctor is around to prescribe antibiotics if anyone needs them.

If this is the state of the NHS before the cuts start – heaven help us when they start to bite.  What a shambles this country is.

Anyway – here’s to a healthy future for all of us – Cheers!


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