And The Winner Is…Recession Busting Information!

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Thank you for all those who responded to my post about the best direction for the advert I have booked in a charitable booklet.

The person who first suggested the recession busting report was Rachael, although I have to confess I had already listed 24 hot tips to go in the report so it seems lots of you had similar feelings to me.  Perhaps the current financial climate has something to do with our thinking!

I am meeting the talented young designer Chris Eccleston tomorrow and we are going to work on the look of the advert to try and get it to reach out and grab people’s attention over the festive period.  I will put a link to Chris’s new website tomorrow once he has decided on a name!  I spent an hour in this lad’s company on Saturday morning and was really impressed with the way he thinks.  The funny thing is that he was at school with my eldest son, also called Chris…  it’s strange the way things work out!  I forecast a bright future for him and it is a pleasure to meet a 22 year old lad who is so commited to making his mark in the world.

The report is now up to 30 tips and my mind is still buzzing with ideas.  The problem is trying to pick the ones that should go into such a report, and which ones are more suited to other articles or reports.  I don’t want people to be put off by the length of it, but I want it long enough to be seen as having real value.  The 30 tips already earmarked are at least a page each so you can see my problem.

The trouble is that I have worked my way through 3 recessions so I have some idea of what works and what doesn’t and have seen lots of businesses survive and quite a few that haven’t.  The advantage of my great old age I suppose.  But if I can stop even one business from failing, from doing something fatal in a recession, then all the effort involved in writing the report and puzzling over the advert will have been time very well spent.

So I am going to crack on with writing the report and I will post the link to it here first so that I can get some feedback before the advert goes live in December.


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I am a qualified Certified Practising Accountant having passed my final exams way back in 1981. I actually can’t believe that was 37 years ago!! Anyway, I am now in my 60’s and I have been running my own business since May 1983. And before you ask, no, I have never regretted a moment of it! Part of the membership requirements of my professional body now dictate that I spend quite a lot of time on “CPD” - continuing professional education (one of their better ideas) - and over the last two years I decided to study business growth and marketing. I have learnt such a lot and that knowledge has radically changed my old “accountants” approach to business. It has made such a difference to the way I work and operate I feel that I just have to pass on this knowledge. It is simply too powerful to hold back!! - but I will try and do it in simple terms rather than expecting you to spend hours, as I had to, working through the difficult language that trainers seem to use to pass on their concepts. I hope you find the blog a useful resource and interesting place to visit as the months pass. I will do my best to keep up the flow - but if there are any topics you would like me to cover, then please let me know. Ray Stewart
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