Everyone Who Employs Anyone Will Be Affected By This!

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I received this from the Federation of Small Business this morning and felt it important enough to pass onto the readers here.

Not everyone is aware of all the changes the government is intent on slipping through, of which this is one, so please go and vote on the survey and lets let these leaders of ours know how we feel about yet another 3% tax increase on employing staff.

You don’t have to be a member of the FSB to participate and it is anonymous:-

From 2012 the government intends that every employer offers every employee a pension to which both the employer and employee will have to contribute.

Your employees will have to be enrolled in the scheme from day one of starting employment, and existing staff will have to be registered by a certain date.

Even if your employee doesn’t want a pension you will have to enrol them into the scheme so that they can then choose to opt out of it.

Much of this has already gone through parliament but the FSB is still fighting to simplify these proposals as far as possible between now and 2012. If you are an employer it is really important that you follow the link and complete our survey on this issue as we need evidence to continue fighting on your behalf.

FSB Pension Survey

Our surveying helps us to influence the political agenda and get more media coverage to push for the changes that you want.

The recent survey on Post Office closures had 5,500 responses and has seen the FSB called to present our evidence to a committee of MPs in the House of Commons.

This survey is aimed only at businesses with employees because the FSB has already successfully campaigned to get companies who do not have employees taken out of the bill last September.


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