Using the mobile to stand out in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace.

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This is a guest article from the Mobile Marketing Information, Tips and Advice Blog.  With thanks to Marie Preston for allowing this interesting article to be reproduced here for your benefit.  I really hope you enjoy reading and learn some interesting tips at the same time:-

The business world is shaping consumers spending habits and businesses today have to adjust quickly. Companies are having to re think marketing strategies as what would have worked in 2008 is not an indication to how the company will grow in 2009. Businesses are looking for cost effective and valuable ways to develop and hang on to the relationship with their customers. Yet, one of the mistakes that is easily make is to simply PUSH information out about the services businesses have to offer hoping that it will attract potential customers. However, unless you are a big branded company in high demand, the result is that this push marketing will not propel your business forward.

An alternative to this kind of marketing is the PULL approach. Rather than sending out material about your service, pull the potential custom in and then provide them with the information needed. However, in order to do this you need to generate that interest and you can do this by using the mobile to propel your business forward.

When looking to use the mobile as a marketing tool, you need to be able to identify your customers. ‘Geotargeting’ is one way to integrate mobile marketing into your business to offer people within an urban area different marketing content to those in a rural area. This therefore allows the marketers to define the content to make it work with their objectives yet, the content can be adjusted at anytime. Geotargeting is also a way to propel your brand and forge effective relationships with current and future consumers by creating a unique customer experience. This kind of marketing is also considered to be ‘Invertising’ and a way that many businesses are looking towards to keep in with the marketing trend.

According to Rajesh Jain, Managing Director of Netcore Solutions “invertising” is the new kid on the block with the potential to transform the way we think of marketing our businesses. What is the difference? Advertising is information tagged to content that people are interested in. It could be linked to a search keyword showing intent, on a website that they are seeing for cricket scores or their social network updates, or it could be on a content-laden SMS that have opted in to receive. Invertising is information as content that people choose to receive. They thus create a direct relationship with the brand.

Although mobile marketing is considered to be relatively new to some consumers, there could be the argument that this kind of marketing would only apply to the younger end range of mobile users. However, MMA research shows a growing number of older mobile internet users with high end smart phones, which means that it is a mistake to assume that mobile web usage is limited to the youth demographic, yet mobile marketing works best when you get the demographics right and when it is PULL and not PUSH marketing.

Steve Heald, Sales Director, partner Channels, Orange UK, notes “that we are now in an era of less hype and more reality when it comes to mobile advertising. The use of mobile as a medium will help us pass on greater benefits to business customers, such as choice, quality and ad-funded services”.

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