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As readers of this blog know, we use this  brilliant paperless office program here in the office.  I originally installed it in 2001 and have never been disappointed with the way it works, or the support of the programmers of the system.

I had an issue today when I was sent yet another service pack adding more functionality – I still gaze in awe at the updates because I cannot see how it can be improved upon, but still they find extra functionality to cram in.  Anyway, this service pack caused me a bit of a problem as the entire system crashed and no-one could get into TCM4000.  Any other program we use – it wouldn’t be an issue as we can work around most things – but TCM4000 is like a heart.  When the heart stops, the whole organization ceases to work.

I instantly got onto the phone and asked what to do – this is the first fatal problem we have had in 7 years so I had no idea and panic started to rise inside me!  No problem I was told.  Apparently, this clever program keeps a backup of itself when it upgrades.  I was directed to the relevant place and TCM4000 fired up immediately with yesterday’s configuration.  It is written this way because after a while, users become so dependant on the program that a safety net is a normal part of the upgrade.  I didn’t know that as it had never happened before.

So, we were up and running again in about 3 minutes.  What a credit to the program and it’s programmers that is.  I will bet there are few packages where such support is so quickly available.  After an hour or so the programmers had corrected the problem and re-issued the service pack.  Wow.  Even our red hot service can’t match that!

I realized that I haven’t said nearly enough on this blog about the power, the ease of use and as mentioned above, the endless extra functionality that is added continuously via service pack.

I had a look around on the net this afternoon seeing if there is a product out there which can match TCM4000, its scalability, ease of use, sheer awesome power and generally just darn clever things it can do.  Well – there isn’t.

After 7 years that I know of, TCM4000 is still in a class of it’s own for business.  That is some achievement and I want the world to know about it so that more can benefit.  Have a read here if you are unsure what TCM4000 is all about but download the 60 day free trial, have me or someone similar talk you through the set-up and then prepare to be staggered.

I cannot do this package full justice here in this small space, but read more about it here and then go try it asap!  You will never look back once you have seen this fantastic program.


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