I Have Just Had A Brilliant Day!

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Yesterday was just one of those days where everything went right.

Do you know the sort of day I mean?  They don’t happen very often but occasionally, once in a while, everything just falls into place and life feels good.

It started with a two hour long meeting with my new business bank manager.  No, Barclays haven’t built a new bank here in Coalville…I decided, after many years of arguing with Barclays trying to get them to take my business seriously, I was going to move my business and personal banking to our local HSBC.

I couldn’t believe the difference in approach.  A human being to talk to about stuff – not just business – a human being about my own age as well – even better!  I have never had a face to face meeting with the people at Barclays, despite asking umpteen times, and all I ever had when I telephoned was some faceless girl sounding about the same age as my 16 year old daughter.

Perhaps it was me who could never take them seriously after all.

As a bonus, the company is getting 18 months free of all bank charges and after that, the charges are many times less than Barclays.  Overdraft interest rates with HSBC are half those levied by Barclays and a business charge card is on its way.  Something I have long asked for from Barclays but been denied.

Readers will remember my identity theft issues a couple of months ago and this may well have affected how Barclays have behaved over the years – they just omitted to tell me about it.  It hasn’t fazed HSBC because I took control and have got it sorted out.

The relief I felt as I walked out of HSBC with the bank now taking me seriously was immense.  I just feel Barclays do not think a home-based business spread around the area is a “proper” business.

The next good thing yesterday happened when I collected my car from the garage.  Ever since I bought it last month there have been issues with it and this was its 3rd garage visit in a month.  Finally though, the problems are sorted and the car is a dream at last.  The garage also told me they have received back my retention certificate for my private number so I am soon going to have it back on the new car.  It has been the longest, most drawn out transfer of a registration number I have experienced in the 25 years since I got the number.  I felt guilty last Saturday driving Chris back to Oxford because the trailer had my number on it but the car didn’t.  We didn’t get stopped though!

Then, I received the new tax package for preparing Self Assessment returns for 2008-09 so we can get cracking on all the CIS refunds for clients.

I received a fantastic new update to the paperless office program we use, TCM4000, and it continues to amaze me, even after 8 years.  Those clever fellows at APT Projects are now incorporating project management and full accounts capability into the package and are picking my brain about some of the accounts aspects going into the programming.  This is really exciting for me, especially as it is only a couple of weeks since my blog on web based accounts programs.  TCM4000 will integrate CRM, big board work flow management, project forecasting and finance management, and full blown accounts package in a form that will blow Infusionsoft out of the water, despite the huge cost and monthly investment charged by that company.

The boffins at SAGE spent some £183 Million buying the CRM package ACT and Sage’ized it.  It still is just a CRM package though.

Apparently when they were looking to buy a CRM package SAGE had ACT, TCM4000 and another program as their last three choices.  They finally settled on ACT but what a short-sighted decision that was.  TCM4000 is now a product being trialled in NHS trusts, call centres and a huge national building company.  I can’t see ACT managing that!  Poor Sage, what an opportunity they missed!

As yesterday was such a good day, I thought I might win the euro lottery as well…NOT this week!


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