Bookkeeping – Is There Another Way?

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  Go on…Imagine the benefits to your business if you were not bogged down and held back with the drudgery, hassle and pressure of maintaining your own business books and records. What could you do with that extra time? Concentrate on building  new customer relationships?  How much extra profit could those customers earn for your business year after year after …

ECJ Ruling Turns Take Away Food VAT On It’s Head!

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The European Court of Justice has issued a ruling that will deeply affect the government if adopted here – and which is hard to see how they could refuse.

The current UK VAT position for hot takeaway food is that it is standard rated and so subject to 20% VAT. However, a recent ruling means that the supply of hot food is zero rated as long as it is consumed immediately off the premises.

Working Together – You, Me and Xero!

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Proud to be a Xero Certified Partner, I have extended our client services to include the following functions, which are exclusive to Xero Partners:

Xero Cashbook – Manage your cashflow online with Xero, but leave the rest of your account management in our hands. Contact us any time using the “Ask My Accountant” button on the help menu in Xero Cashbook if you have any questions.

On-line Bookkeeping Sites

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Following on with a lot of recent discussions I have been having, it will be very useful for me to know which On-Line sites people are using so that I can become familiar with them prior to accounts time! So please have a look at my one question Poll and be kind enough to let me know which, if any, you are using.