Webinars Are Coming

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I know I have been discussing the putting together of a series of seminars on various business topics for some time and I really did intend to get these started. However, a helpful client recently said that seminars are really 20th Century things and that I should look to presenting Webinars instead. It is true that Seminars are expensive to …

Recession Busting Tips

Recession Busting Tips Report

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I originally wrote the Recession Busting Tips Report in October 2008 when the recession was still a “credit crunch”. I wanted to give clients some helpful hints in how to survive and maybe even prosper as the economy sank and the public mood sank with it along with jobs, while business bankruptcies and debts started to rocket.

I have often given a copy of this report to new clients as an idea of the sort of help they can expect from me over time and…

Announcing My New Board View Service

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Did you know that every single one of the UK’s most successful and most profitable businesses have one thing in common?

And did you know that this one thing that the most successful businesses have in common is also the one thing that very few owner managed businesses do?

It then logically follows, doesn’t it, that if you do this one thing in the way that the most successful businesses are already doing it, you will:

Recession Busting Tips

Happy New Year!

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I have been reviewing the various reports I have written over the years and I came across my Recession Busting Tips report that was written in 2008 as we started the steady sink into the current recession. Having re-read it I think the topics in there are as relevant today as they were 4 years ago

Get Online – Get a free business website today!

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Getting British Business Online is a joint initiative between Google, BT, Enterprise UK and e-skills UK. Every British business can get a FREE website by going to Get British Business Online. The scheme is totally free for 2 years and then you just need to renew your domain and you are set for another 2 years.

Setting up your FREE website will only take a few minutes.

Change Is All Around…

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Change is certainly surrounding me at the moment. It was a big step for me to allow a web expert to take over the updates to this website and look after the essential Search Engine optimization bits and bobs.

Sadly though, after just a couple of months, I received an email to say he was giving up his business for personal reasons which remained un-explained. So I have to take this back myself again.

Using the mobile to stand out in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace.

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This is a guest article from the Mobile Marketing Information, Tips and Advice Blog.  With thanks to Marie Preston for allowing this interesting article to be reproduced here for your benefit.  I really hope you enjoy reading and learn some interesting tips at the same time:- The business world is shaping consumers spending habits and businesses today have to adjust …