I’ve Done It!!

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A small task to a techie no doubt, but ploughing through the upgrade of wordpress manually was a nightmare for me. Throughout the entire process I was panicking I would never see my little blog or it’s contents again. Sad really, but now I have finished it I am really chuffed. Especially as it means I have been able to apply the new theme.

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time…

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Regular readers will remember that I recently joined the payperpost site to earn some money from my blogging to help towards the costs of running this blog.

I did the first post introducing the service here, for which I was paid $20 providing it remained for a month on the blog. I started all keen but each time I checked the site for “opportunities available to me” I found there were none.

5 Simple Ways To Improve your Marketing And Boost Your Business Profits!

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Introduction: Marketing is the cornerstone of successful business.  Without marketing there are no customers, and therefore, no business.   In my work I come across many small businesses.  Usually, when the owners are asked about their own marketing efforts, the simple reply is they are too busy to devote time to it and anyway, as they are so busy, they do …

Why Do So Many Business People Ignore The 80:20 Rule??

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I was discussing Richard Koch’s book “The 80/20 Principle: The Secret of Achieving More with Less!” with a client yesterday and it became apparent that lots of business people are either not aware of this concept, or do not know how to relate it to their business. Richard says that 80% of our results come from 20% of our activities.  …

What Do You Do When The Passion Fades!!

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I know that it is never easy continually pushing, cajoaling, steering, developing this business that you start. Which is why mindset is so important. I come across some without plans and goals. They seem determined to succeed and buy up every piece of information they can that will tell them how to succeed, tried and tested business strategies, strategies guaranteed …

The Weird World Of Google

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I am completely baffled now by the web’s favourite search engine – google.  Just two days ago I was saying how impressed I was that my Ecademy profile had appeared on page 1 of google so quickly.  Imagine my confusion yesterday when there was no sign of my Ecademy profile anywhere on google.  Today, Friday, I am back on page 1. The …