Webinars Are Coming

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I know I have been discussing the putting together of a series of seminars on various business topics for some time and I really did intend to get these started. However, a helpful client recently said that seminars are really 20th Century things and that I should look to presenting Webinars instead. It is true that Seminars are expensive to …

Do We Need Systems In Our Small Businesses?

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I seem to spend loads of time every day explaining to people why systems in their business are so important.  However, it seems as if the message only sinks in about 30% of the time.  Everyone appreciates the value of good, solid systems in even the most tiny business – but when it comes to actually putting systems in place …

E-Marketplace Disclosure Facility Closes Soon

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The Tax Office “amnesty” of reduced penalties for e-marketplace and e-auction website traders, that started on the 14th March 2012, is drawing to a close. The intention to make a disclosure has to be lodged with HMRC by the 14th June 2012 and the completed disclosure form and payment should reach HMRC by the 14th September 2012.

HMRC claim that penalties levied under this scheme will be capped at a maximum of 10% of the tax due, and in some cases waived altogether.

This is the latest scheme to try and encourage unregistered tax payers to fall into line…

Working Together – You, Me and Xero!

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Proud to be a Xero Certified Partner, I have extended our client services to include the following functions, which are exclusive to Xero Partners:

Xero Cashbook – Manage your cashflow online with Xero, but leave the rest of your account management in our hands. Contact us any time using the “Ask My Accountant” button on the help menu in Xero Cashbook if you have any questions.

Ash Goodman

New Website Theme

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Regular visitors will (hopefully) have noticed a radical change in the look of the website recently. A client of mine, Ash Goodman, a wordpress expert based in the Philippines showed me a wordpress theme he had developed that was just about to go on general release. For a while I have been looking for an elegant, uncluttered, professional theme that was easy to manipulate, easy to add to and easy to live with generally.

New SSL Certificate

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I know you are aware that I take your personal information and privacy very seriously, but up to now I have not secured the areas of this site that need a password entered. I had always thought that passwords on their own were all the security we need. However, I have learnt that a website which collects personal data (names, addresses and email addresses) is still sending those details between the page you enter them on and the webserver itself in plain english for all to (if they have a mind to look) to see.

Get Online – Get a free business website today!

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Getting British Business Online is a joint initiative between Google, BT, Enterprise UK and e-skills UK. Every British business can get a FREE website by going to Get British Business Online. The scheme is totally free for 2 years and then you just need to renew your domain and you are set for another 2 years.

Setting up your FREE website will only take a few minutes.