Ecademy Testimonials:

Ray is such a warm and caring person, a genuine friend and someone my wife and I care greatly for. He has always offered words of advice, encouragement and support and I encourage anyone wanting genuine connections to introduce yourself to him.

Thanks for the book loan Ray (it has been of use and I still return to certain pages) – will get it back to you in the end!

A warm and inspirational gentleman, a connection well worth having.

A friend well worth knowing.

Ray if I can ever do anything for you, please ask. God Bless!Jay Loftus

Proactive! I like that!Ferdinand Felix P. Casantusan
I know this is my second one for Ray now, but he’s just saved me a 5.5k bill with his helpful, friendly and prompt advice so deserves more than just one other testimonial.

If he’ll take me as a full client despite my disorganisation and naivity when it comes to tax and accounts, I’ll sign up as quick as I can. He’s definitely the best investment any business here could make!

True accounting is boring and easy to ignore, but it’s essential if you want to run a serious business properly!

Bad accounts and tax planning can wipe even the best entrepreneur off the map. Don’t make that mistake, call Ray!Simon Jones - Web Wizard

Ray is an extremely helpful contact. Would definitely recommend. Has helped me out to no end with various queries. An asset to ecademy.Llinos Bradley
In just a few short conversations, Ray has given me no end of advice and helped demistify the whole bookkeeping – accountancy procedure.

I’m very passionate about my business and how I can help clients, and it’s a refreshing change to see an accountant just as passionate (if not more) about both his business and mine.

It’s all very well knowing about tax and accounting, but unless someone takes the time to really understand you and your business, marrying the two together is only going to offer a blanket approach. Ray takes the time to truly get to grips with what you want to acheive and helps you to make it happen… all this and he’s not as expensive as he looks.

He’s also very friendly and good to talk to.Simon Jones - Web Wizard

Ray is a great networker, who asks questions and really gets you thinking.

He really is the book keeping guruSarah Arrow

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