Are You Aware Of The Losses Your Business Incurs Each Time You Spend An Hour Doing Your Own Business Bookkeeping?


Have you actually costed exactly how much looking after your business records yourself costs your business?

Did you think you would save money by dealing with everything yourself… the marketing, production, quality control, typing, telephone calls, suppliers, faxes, emails, repairs, service calls, bookkeeping etc., etc., etc…???

How much time does your business bookkeeping take each day, week, month?

Have you ever considered the amount of business you may be losing each time you spend an hour pouring over your books?

Could it be one order or regular customer, two or perhaps more each time you spend an hour on the books?

How much could each of those orders be worth to you in terms of annual profits??

Is there another way that allows you to earn £000’s each year in extra sales instead???

YES… read on and find out the smart way to keep on top of this mundane, but essential, chore.

Now…just for a moment…imagine what you could be doing if your business books and records were right up to date?…..relaxing, reading, playing with the kids…. or devoting all that time to developing your business, chasing new customers… Earning more and more profits each month?

Ray and his team have been doing my business bookkeeping and wages each month for the past 15 years.  The service is great – always done in under a week.  I can concentrate on my business knowing that all the legal stuff to do with books, tax, wages and VAT are being handled by experts, and I get to have a one2one chat with Ray about my business every month when I drop the stuff off – brilliant!Stephen Cheney, Ibstock

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Would You Like Help With Your Bookkeeping?

Find out how our complete and fully confidential bookkeeping service for the Coalville and Loughborough areas can help boost your profits from the very first week. You will also receive valuable and completely FREE solid, proven marketing techniques and support to help you make the most of your new found time!

I want to help you to develop and grow your business in ways you dreamt of when you started out, but which now only seem like a dim and distant memory…. Act NOW and ring me!!!


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