The Paperless Office – TCM4000

TCM4000 – A Program My Company Has Used Daily Since 2001.

This is simply the most comprehensive, the most powerful, the easiest to use whole company management system available today. Over 160,000 man hours – worth well over £6,400,000 – have gone into developing this staggering software – and it shows. Existing users continually tell me that just as they think they are aware of all the functionality and power of this software, APT Projects Ltd go and release a new service pack which adds even more functionality to their program.  There used to be a link here for a 60 day free trial but Apt Projects Ltd have told me they are working on an updated trial program as the old one had become so out of date.  Please bear with them, it will be worth the wait and I will let you know when a new one is available.  In the meantime a demonstration can be organized by Tony Rust, the MD, so you will at least be able to see the power this program gives you and your business.  Just let me know and I will pass your request on immediately.


With this program working for you – PAPER can be banished from your office forever. Just think of the savings that one idea can give your business. How much money does the average business lose by printing out stuff, filing stuff, shredding stuff – even long term storing or micro filming stuff ? I don’t know the answer either! But you can guarantee even the tiniest business would see immediate benefits from eliminating most of the paper from its activities.

Just imagine……… each day the post arrives. Every letter is immediately scanned and shredded. No paper storage to worry about, no filing to pile up all around you, no space problems at all!!! and this is just part of the beginning of the story!!

How much time is wasted each day looking for letters, quotes, messages etc., looking for files that someone hasn’t returned yet ? Flicking back through old correspondence looking for that nugget of information that you vaguely recall reading a few weeks ago?

All of that can be banished – starting TODAY.


Imagine you have just started a tiny business in your bedroom…….. could you have used at that moment the services of the following staff:

  • Secretary to manage your day and look after the administration.
  • Workflow administrator to keep your workplace organized.
  • Librarian who stores absolutely everything that everyone in your business does, and can give you that information instantly.
  • Operations manager who continually monitors performance statistics and reports instantly whenever you ask a question.
  • Sales director who gives you sales forecasts made by all your sales staff whenever you snap your fingers.
  • General manager who constantly knows what the spending departments are committing to.
  • Help desk manager to support your customers and keep you aware of the feedback you are getting.
  • Customer service manager who tracks and allocates maintenance and repairs to customer assets and who works hand in hand with your asset manager and your maintenance contract manager.
  • Administrative assistants who dig out report type information to give you the high ground when facts count – someone who can enable you to keep in touch with what is going on in the office even when you are out – and someone who keeps the whole group working together, keeping each other informed all the time.
  • Web lead coordinator to deal automatically with your web site leads and orders and send out multiple e-mails welcoming customers and giving out essential information without you doing a thing.
  • Member of staff to produce ID cards for leisure or security purposes.
  • Accountant keeping track of your expenses as they happen.
  • Security man dutifully recording all telephone calls in and out and filing in the relevant customer record continuously.

Think of the help it would have given you when you needed it, would it have made a difference to you at all?

Now imagine how it could help you now:

  • Emails in and out in real time.
  • Faxes in and out as they happen.
  • Letters in and out as you send and receive them – no more lost correspondence – ever.
  • Telephone calls in and out logged as they happen.
  • Sales and purchasing forecasts constantly updated.
  • Marketing campaigns with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Standard letters to customers at the click of a button.
  • Full diary record of every single user’s activity all day, every day.
  • Allocate the correct level of staff to each customer service request at a stroke.
  • Full to-do list for all staff so nothing is forgotten and time management becomes clear and simple.
  • Provide a company wide bulletin board for those essential notices.
  • Schedule meetings and call backs with a single click.
  • Link your telephone and have the customer details in real time pop up onto the screen automatically when they call in.
  • Cut your office costs by removing the need to keep all the filing cabinets you thought were indispensable.
  • Include everyone on a single system throughout the world via the internet – a keen manager can keep on top of his business from anywhere at anytime – including a beach in Australia if he choses.

Too Good to be true????

Absolutely not. I use this fantastic system all the time, and have done for the last 7 years. The power this gives into everyone’s hands has to be seen to be believed !!

Increase your profits:

In your growing business TCM4000 can help increase your profitability. By using TCM you can put off employing extra staff as this brilliant program makes existing staff much more efficient. If you were considering moving offices to accommodate the extra staff then TCM can immediately save you those costs. Once you have removed the filing cabinets and clutter from your work area, you will have found space for some more staff anyway!

Age Concern reduced its administration costs by 25% by installing TCM – see the testimonials section below.

Very small businesses find they can put off employing staff for longer once TCM4000 starts working as lots of tasks can be automated or reduced to a couple of mouse clicks – just think of the possibilities for your own business.

Many big organizations like McDonalds and Alamo have spent £millions on their SAP and IBM bespoke systems. TCM4000 delivers a better integrated multi-user platform solution at a fraction of the cost of these goliath systems and also made it available for all sizes of businesses. You can be confident these companies shareholders would have preferred they had gone with the TCM4000 solution to protect their dividends!

Hungry for more INFORMATION????

Contact me today – 0800 047 0731 – completely free of charge – and ask for more information and a demonstration version for you to try yourself – on your own network – completely free of charge. I will happily install it for you and configure it to suit your own business. Just call me today!!! No amount of words can convince you on their own that this package can do all this and much, much more. You have to see it in actions, play with it, try some of the features, ask us how to do this, that and the other throughout the 60 day free trial and let the package sell itself to you.

Make the call NOW – 0800 047 0731 or click here – harness the power and help your business really fly.

Testimonials from happy TCM Users:

  • Industry is screaming out for this application! – 20 User telesales site
  • We liked the fact that it was flexible, we could develop it to fit our business rather than the other way around. We access the database through mobile handsets so that we can keep up to speed. No issues with the reliability for over 3 years…been glich free. To get something that would run the marketing campaigns and fit our business would have cost considerably more – Jon Dean, M.D. The Accruals Bureau & Credithouse plc.
  • A way of working which helps us to organize ourselves more efficiently and to organize our workflow more efficiently and more importantly to ensure that we are giving our customers the best care. Helps track very quickly who we contacted, what went out, what is next in the cycle and speeds up the process when you are dealing with a lot of clients. Very easy to use, very adaptable to our needs – John Earnshaw, Director, Vox Pops International.
  • Does everything, it is the depth of the subjects covered by it and the way it works and the way it integrates everything together all aspects of our business. Technical support is excellent, you deal with the people who wrote the code, they know the answers to your questions, not just a faceless help desk person – Dave Pickering, M.D. Mascolo Support.
  • We chose the original system and now the latest version because for us, there was no other solution that provided the same power and versatility. We particularly like the way the system helps us to segment our markets and allow us to slice, dice and interrogate our database. Our telemarketing team also like the way they can track all their prospects and customer contacts for more rapid call-backs, swifter generation of reports and statistics and more comprehensive analysis of sales – Owain Oxenham, Senior Project Manager, Resource Marketing Ltd.
  • Reduced administration costs by 25% – Age Concern case study.

Real Live Case Studies:

Building Maintenance

TCM4000 + Workflow System will help ensure that you send the right person to the job and that the appointments are confirmed and everyone knows what is going on.

Construction site management

Run TCM4000 locally on site on a single PC or site network, or ink back to head office over the internet to share information minute to minute.


Education is about people, and TCM4000 is a contact based system which can be your central database of names, addresses, courses attended, qualifications, next of kin, or whatever other information you wish to keep. Educational establishments always have some kind of assets, equipment of various types, and these can also be logged and managed in TCM, including the who is using what situations. TCM4000 is also folder based, this means that every individual, organization or asset has its’ own folder in the system which enables any kind of document, spreadsheet, report or scanned image to be linked and filed within a contact folder.

Amongst the many features within TCM4000 are the Tab Tables which are a unique part of the database which allows exam results, course details and all manner of tabular information to be recorded for each of the contacts. As a cost effective backbone data system within an educational establishment TCM4000 + Workflow System is hard to beat.


There’s so many aspects to manufacturing that the need for a central backbone system which goes across all departments is obvious, however, many businesses are ‘ running on the spot’ to keep up with the operational requirements and are constantly ‘too busy’ to implement such a system. Or, the costs of purchasing and implementing such a system is deemed to be prohibitive. Here’s where TCM4000 + Workflow System scores. TCM4000 gives you an easy to use system which comes out of box (but with advice and training if required which can rapidly be implemented and rolled out stage by stage.

Just taking care of sales and budget forecasts within the first day of use will bring big benefits in information terms, an up-to-date central database of all contact details will combine and make more accessible the proliferation of separate lists kept by various departments and duplicated effort. Having telephone and correspondence records instantly available across the organization will lead to less confusion and more decisions being based on facts rather than on opinion. TCM4000 can manage your jobs and your time sheets, user diaries are accessible, and you have full reporting capability, including information from a Sage Line 50 accounts database. Manufacturing businesses depend on sales for revenues, and there is no better customer relationship management system than TCM4000 to provide this engine for your sales and marketing by telephone or e-mail of other medium of your choice.


Every year there is an increase in the need for compliance with the various regulations and rules laid down by statute and the professional bodies. Every year there is more time having to be spent on ensuring that those compliance obligations are respected, this often takes the time of senior personnel who’s time is required to earn fees and to set policy.

All personnel at all levels are touched by the compliance regulations and a huge paperwork trail is generated or, alternatively, a computer based system is used which just doesn’t give the completeness and the integration which is required. TCM4000 + Workflow System can record every event which takes place, from telephone calls, to meetings to general notes, everything is recorded in the system and is timed. All activities are recorded in the interactive User diaries which can also provide instant reports and, at the press of a button, a fully populated time sheet showing actual times spent on various types of activities together with adjusted times which round the event times to your preferred chargeable units of time. TCM4000 goes across all departments giving one central database into which all contact details, events, documents and diaries are instantly accessible.

Jobs, ranging from dealing with one letter to a complete audit can be allocated to personnel and tracked and all activities can be reported on through the comprehensive reporting features. No system for Accountants would be complete without links to an Accounts package and in this respect TCM4000 scores highly in the way that data in Sage Line 50 can be accessed in real time and displayed on screen in TCM4000.


In common with other professions, the legal industry is suffering an increasing regulatory burden which involves much time being spent on compliance. The use of TCM4000 rapidly becomes second nature to users who can, during the normal course of their work, record all activity either contemporaneously or when time allows. All events are timed and recorded in the Users interactive diaries.

All events can be made to trigger the simple to do but often ignored requirement to tag each event with a cost code, or client name or whatever is customary in your practice. TCM4000 + Workflow System has many similarities to some case management systems but then goes much wider in that TCM4000 is a complete administrative system which can go across all departments to give a single database within the practice. Jobs, ranging from dealing with one letter to a complete case can be allocated to personnel and tracked and all activities can be reported on through the comprehensive reporting features. User diaries which can also provide instant reports and, at the press of a button, a fully populated time sheet showing actual times spent on various types of activities together with adjusted times which round the event times to your preferred chargeable units of time.

TCM4000 + Workflow System links to Sage Line 50 to provide information in real time which can be displayed on screen without having access to the Sage program itself, provided, of course, that the user has the right to see that information.


TCM4000 is not alone in this marketplace. There are many other packages around that claim to offer some of the functionality of this product – such as ACT, Goldmine, Maximizer, SAP, IBM Solutions, Salesbase CRM, Sales Turbine and Microsoft Quick Start CRM. However, none have the depth, the ease of use, the integration with accounts packages, the overall flexibility to give the smallest micro business to the largest conglomerate the same astounding features and benefits.

Act NOW !!

Call me NOW – 0800 047 0731 for your trial and make the first step into your company’s future.


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