Coaching is a really over-used term these days and a whole industry has spawned on the back of business people’s quest to improve themselves and their businesses.

I have been helping clients for many years on an informal basis to grow their businesses simply because it seems logical that I have access to many businesses and am in a unique position to watch how different people work.  Very few are privy to such information and without giving away any trade secrets, the successful businesses do operate in a different way to those that struggle and are constantly short of cashflow.  I am really keen to pass on the bits that work to help out those for whom the “penny” hasn’t dropped yet.

My report, Recession Busting Tips, that was published in November 2008, was a result of a desire to pass on those tips to a wider audience as the whole country dived headlong into recession.  I wanted to show people that despite the “gloom and doom” pushed out by the media every single day, that it is possible to not only survive but actually grow well during a recession.

This is what one businessman from Australia recently emailed through:-

I see that your website describes you as a Bookkeeper, Accountant and Business Advisor.  But that’s only your front to the world, isn’t it?

Having read Recession Busting Tips, I know that you are really a Master Marketer who just happens to provide those services as well. Your e-book is one of the best that I have read for a while.  You have certainly given your readers a good selection of tactics.  There is also enough information on each for them to implement at least one immediately.  I agree that the money back guarantee is probably the most important, if not the crucial one, in a recession. B O'Shannassy, Avoca Beach, NSW, Australia

I am not a lover of formal coaching, having undergone some myself this time last year, but I do feel that there is a need for more detailed explanation and help to apply some of this information to particular businesses.   A need for support for some businesses that feel isolated in the current climate and a sounding board for small business people to bounce ideas off in a non-competitve environment.

I am therefore offering the chance to buy blocks of coaching hours which will particularly suit businesses with a turnover from £nil (a new start) up to £2million.  If you feel that this will be a good idea for you and your business, please contact me for details and let’s get started as soon as possible.

I am doing this separately so that you will not feel obligated to join the practice as a client.  This is a purely separate, totally private, service designed to ensure your business gives you the fantastic returns you know it should, but for some reason, just isn’t at the moment.

We can have sessions on the telephone, via email, on webchat, or face-to-face here at my home, or there at your business.  The choice is entirely yours.

Everything is done by the hour so there is no ongoing commitment.  You have my input and help for exactly the amount of time you need it.  Not a minute longer.

Don’t hesitate a moment longer.  Ring me NOW on 01530 223373.


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