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One of the more successful things we offer clients in the Coalville and Loughborough area is the weekly/monthly payroll service.

There are many reasons for this but the most often quoted is confusion.  The government don’t ever leave payrolls alone.  There are constant changes to personal allowances, taxable benefits, car tax rates, paternal leave entitlements, minimum pay, SSP, CIS scheme (yes we handle those as well for weekly/monthly paid subcontractors), forms required, online filing and which forms it applies to and the annual end of tax year P35 confusion.

Once we take over your payroll we handle all of the above – and much more for you automatically.

The only input from you is letting me know if there are any changes via email and your payroll is run within 24 hours.

Your payslips can be either uploaded to each employee’s confidential online portal, emailed to you, posted out via 1st class post directly to your employees or to yourself to hand out – whichever suits you.  We can arrange bacs payments on your behalf or provide a cash sheet showing what notes and coins you need to draw from the bank to make up the pay envelopes.  All the P45 and P46 forms are handled online immediately and this year (2015) all the year end RTI filing and P60’s were issued within 7 days of the year end.

I will be happy for you to speak to any of the clients currently using our payroll service if you would like to hear “”from the horse’s mouth” how the service works for them.  Just let me know and I will arrange it.

Up to now this service has been reserved for clients of the practice but it works so efficiently and easily that we are happy now to help out payroll only clients.  If you are interested and would like a quote for this service please ring me now on 01530 223373 or use the contact page on the site.

As the business grew so did the paperwork! Then we needed to start taking on staff.  A few mistakes and lots of stress later, it didn’t take long to realise it can be costly and time consuming making a mistake as far as HMRC are concerned.  After having a good old whinge to Ray he suggested a solution. Now I just e-mail the hours to CBS and within a short time back comes an e-mail with the employees and employers play-slips attached. Print and pay – it’s now that simple. End of year filings – P14, P35, etc. are all dealt with automatically by CBS payroll team and copies are forwarded to me by e-mail or post.  As a small business you’re always worried about the cost – I was pleasantly surprised, it didn’t cost as much as I had thought it would.  Using this service I’ve managed to free up some time and gain some peace of mind knowing I’m doing everything required by law and on time!Marie Eccleston, Ashby de la Zouch
Can you imagine how much more effective you can then be for your business – knowing that…

  • your payroll is being handled by professionals
  • all current regulations are being adhered to
  • your employees/subcontractors are being paid correctly in accordance with all current regulations
  • you can change an employee payslip if you see something has been missed off (they do not have to wait until the following month as with many large payroll services)
  • you are content in the knowledge that you will not incurr any penalties for missing any deadlines
  • you don’t have to keep updating your payroll program to cope with each change as it happens
  • you don’t have to keep ordering stationery each time the rules change or get caught out issuing an old form by mistake
  • your employees are able to ring on our freephone at any time to query their tax code or any aspect of their pay and that you will not incurr any extra fees if they do
  • you can have any number of reports each time the payroll is run depending on your needs
  • you have someone, other than the Tax Office, to ask about payroll related matters for professional, helpful and unbias information or advice

These are just some of the benefits users of our payroll service enjoy.  Please do not hesitate to ring me for a free, no obligation, chat to see how we can help you and other Coalville and Loughborough based businesses Now on 01530 223373.

I look forward to talking with you soon.


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