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I love tax. It makes no sense at all, is really complicated and changes several times a year.

Not many people can say they love tax! Most hate having to deal with it, most would rather “opt out” of the system if possible, which it isn’t…and above all, everyone, without exception, resents paying it.

This is why you need someone who loves digging through the system and makes sure you will only pay the absolute minimum necessary. Lots of accountants say they “do” the tax but most are like you, they don’t understand it.  They may have a system in their office that they put stuff into and out pops a computation…but they don’t check it is right.  I have seen some terrible tax mistakes after taking on new clients which proves the point.

We have a system here that anyone can enter information in but not one single computation leaves the office without me checking and reviewing it.  I love taking an overview of a client’s tax affairs in this manner because it is when the most “profitable” tax work can often be done.

Normally the tax work is part of the accounts work and is fully integrated into it.  Sometimes though a new client will walk through the door with a large portfolio of shares and this is a welcome change of focus.

Questions also crop up during property auctions and property deals in general on VAT. If you get this wrong it can cost you 15% of the contract price – sometimes a LOT of money.  VAT is the biggest cause of negligence claims against accountants because it is such a mis-understood tax, even by the professionals – so make sure your accountant is up to speed on this huge, complex and potentially terrifying area of tax law.

These are an idea of of my tax services for your consideration.  I will discuss your specific service level and fee at our initial meeting and these will be fixed for two years, subject to review only if there are significant changes in your circumstances…

Bronze Service:-

Preparation of personal tax return, tax computation and electronic submission to HMRC on your behalf.

Meetings held at a time and location to suit you.

£295+VAT per year

If you have a little more work needed then perhaps this will be more suited to you…

Silver Service:-

Includes Bronze service plus…

Self employed pages based on accounts information that you supply, plus income from property pages from information you supply and all tax computations arising therefrom and advising you of your tax payment schedule as far into the future as possible.

£445 + VAT per year

If your tax affairs are more detailed, then perhaps this option will be needed…

Gold Service:-

Includes silver service plus…

Work on complicated tax affairs including partnerships, multiple businesses, etc..

From £895 + VAT per year

Finally, for more complex work, please contact me for a detailed quote…

Optional Services:-

Limited Companies, Capital Gains Tax advice, Inheritance Tax advice, VAT advice, Tax Planning advice – fees on application.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any tax issues that you would like to discuss.


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