And About Time Too!

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I know, I know…. It has been too long since I last posted here.  I can’t explain why – I simply don’t know why.  Maybe I lost my mojo… maybe I have been too busy… maybe I simply forgot. Anyway, over the past few months I have been tackling a new tax and accounts production suite, developing my long relationship …

Barclays – Don’t Want Me To Go!

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It is nearly two months now since I opened a new business bank account with HSBC and wrote to Barclays to close the account and transfer the direct debits etc. Well, after hearing nothing at all from them until last Friday, 5th June) the letter I received made me really angry. They were writing to charge me £35 because they couldn’t transfer the weekly amount into my wife’s account (because she had shut it the previous weekend – and her experience in doing that is another whole post in itself).

Should You Panic If You Have No Books To Give Your Accountant?

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This is a question that rears its head from time to time here in the office.  My initial reaction is “Why not?”. Occasionally there is a reasonable reason for the lack of evidence of someone’s business activities.  It may be that the business has grown really quickly and they haven’t been able to keep up.  They may have only just …

Is Your Accountant As Good As They Should Be And How Would You Know If They Weren’t??

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After more than 34 years working as an accountant, it is clearer to me more now than ever that many accountants are letting clients down in spectacular fashion.

Unfortunately, you may never know and you may never find out unless a good friend strongly recommends you have another expert look over your figures and points things out that have gone awry.