VT Transaction Plus Bookkeeping Software – Changes Afoot!

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I know all of you are aware of how much I love this bookkeeping package. Even now, it is unrivalled for ease of use, flexibility, multi-currency abilities, emailing invoices, editability…the list goes on.

This program has been under development for some years now and throughout all that time it has been offered to the world as a free program whilst it was improved, tested and extended in its beta form. Now though, this is coming to an end….

Online Bookkeeping Sites – How Would You Choose One?

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Over the past couple of weeks I have been looking into on-line bookkeeping sites for a client of mine.  I first did this exercise 3 years ago when the choices were limited and the services on offer were very basic. I have been seriously impressed this time though. The sites have matured beyond recognition and the services available are good …

Which Bookkeeping Package Should you Use?

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I am well aware that there are few places for you to go and ask questions about the different accounting packages that are available.  Not many of you have an accountant in the early days of business so where do you go for unbiased and expert advice on the choice of bookkeeping package? Do you ask friends and colleagues?  Do …