Santander – New Mortgage Rules Suck

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It seems everything has changed with this huge Bank – that own a few of our banks here – Alliance & Leicester being the one in question today – since the budget last month.

A client of mine recently applied for a mortgage with them. His income was well over their minimum requirements, he has a perfect credit history and has had significant savings with the bank for more than 10 years.

You would think they’d jump at the chance to give him a mortgage…..

Capital Gains Tax Changes…

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I have had several clients ring me in a panic this week about capital gains tax (CGT) and the “changes” they have read about in the newspapers.

They have heard the annual CGT allowance is being slashed from £10,100 to £2,500. They have heard the rate of CGT will rise from 18% to 50%, and they have heard all this will be backdated to the 6th April 2010, messing up deals that have already been done.

The simple fact is…