Webinars Are Coming

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I know I have been discussing the putting together of a series of seminars on various business topics for some time and I really did intend to get these started. However, a helpful client recently said that seminars are really 20th Century things and that I should look to presenting Webinars instead. It is true that Seminars are expensive to …

Do You Know Of The Changes To Pension Ages?

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I was researching pension information for a client this morning who is about to retire and I found some really disturbing facts out about when we are going to be allowed to retire and draw a state pension.

I knew some changes were afoot but I did not know they had actually been decided. It could be just me. After all I have not bought a newspaper in a long time as I do not believe in killing trees for paper to print stuff that is already yesterdays news when it is read. But I was very surprised to learn that the retirement age is moving.

Recession – What Recession?

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Recessions, boom years, credit crunches… they are all a natural part of our lives.An integral part of the huge economy we are all a part of.You can’t have a boom time without a bust time.They follow each other like night follows day.Life constantly cycles.All the recent noise the experts have been making about global warming for instance.It is a proven …

Reduce Wasted Time By Up To 20%

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This is the amount of time an average small business owner like you spends on bookkeeping each week. That represents some 7 hours out of each week that you spend doing completely unproductive bookkeeping. Time is one thing in the universe that is fixed and runs continuously, ruthlessly, every single moment of existance. Do you continually struggle to complete all …

London Olympics , Emerging Market Monitor, Internet Marketing Business

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This is a guest post… The upcoming London Olympics is not only a great opportunity to showcase human kinetics but also a great opportunity for global business venture. The said sports gathering will make chances for business-oriented individuals– I am one of them–to explore global business potentials. So for now, I am constantly monitoring this event by browsing the Internet. …