And About Time Too!

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I know, I know…. It has been too long since I last posted here.  I can’t explain why – I simply don’t know why.  Maybe I lost my mojo… maybe I have been too busy… maybe I simply forgot. Anyway, over the past few months I have been tackling a new tax and accounts production suite, developing my long relationship …

HMRC change RTI goalposts

Tax Resource Center Updated For 2011-12

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You will be pleased to see that the much acclaimed Tax Resource Center on the website that is for the benefit of the registered members is now fully updated with the changes made in the budget last week.

This resource center is provided free of charge and is full of information and tax calulators. So, if you want to know what level of car benefit your new vehicle will attract – check it out…

Company Car Issues

Mileage Allowance Payments

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After a discussion I had with new client on Friday afternoon, it seems there is still a huge amount of confusion about what and how much an employee/business owner can be re-imbursed for using their private vehicle for work. It is true that if you use your private vehicle in your business, you can claim 40p/mile for the first 10,000 miles in a tax year and then 25p/mile over that level completely tax and NI free. This is fairly straight forward and hasn’t changed for a while. Just remember to keep mileage records in your diary or similar to back up your claim.

Bookkeepers Can Be Bad For Your Business Health!

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I spend a lot of my time telling people they need a good bookkeeper to help them look after their business. But recently I have seen really vivid examples of how a bad bookkeeper can seriously damage a business. From bad work, incomplete work, unjustified work and unnecessary work all mixed in with no support and no accountability. The problem facing business people is how to know a good bookkeeper from a bad bookkeeper?

Seminars – What A Pain In The Ear!

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I was all excited last week to be heading off to an internet marketing seminar in a posh hotel in Leeds. I arrived early on an overcast morning and as the seminar got underway the temperature outside started climbing. I was engrossed in What Ed was telling us and never noticed how wet I was getting from perspiration. By lunch I was dripping but fortunately the content kept my attention away from just how hot I was getting but by the close I knew there was something not right with me. Over the next day or so my temperature started to rise and by the end of the week I was in agony with an ear infection.

Hot Tax Tips Are Coming…

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This site has been running now since September 2007 and there is a lot of information and advice that I have put on here since then, all for free, and available to anyone who dropped by. Times are changing! I will still provide the content for free but access to it will require a commitment from you to register as a basic level member.