FREE Working at Height Safety & Health Awareness Day, Coalville, Leics

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I received this notice today from the Federation of Small Business about a free course for people who work above ground level. The Health & Safety Executive is generally regarded as a pain after an accident has occured but here is a chance to get advice before a tradegy and possibly learn how to avoid one. We don’t often get such relevant, detailed courses in this area so if working above ground applies to you in could be in your interest to attend!

When Voting In May – Remember Labour’s Highest Rate Of Tax Is 60%!

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Having discussed tax with a high earning client earlier today, I was suprised they hadn’t realized there is a current highest rate for some earners of 60%. So I thought if one person didn’t know then there are probably a few more out there that ought to be informed before they cast a vote on May 6th.

OK. It isn’t a universal tax rate. It only applies to some people whose income falls into a certain range…

BBC News Reader At The Tax Tribunal

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The recently published decision by the Tax Tribunal went against the taxpayer despite her threat to read the news totally naked if the decision went against her!

Will it happen? I doubt it. This was part of the defence that BBC news presenter Sian Williams made in her battle to have her expenses for clothes, hair and laundry allowed against her BBC income.

Wishing You All A Merry Christmas!!

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I just have time, as I wind down for the holiday, to think back over the past year and of the changes implemented, new client’s met, tax investigations handled, and how everyone has met the worst recession in living memory with humour and determination.

Many familiar, large, businesses have left our lives this year, most notably for us was the loss of Borders at Fosse Park, Leicester, which finally closed at 9pm on the 22nd December. It was

SatNav trials!

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Ever since I received it I have been a staunch supporter of the Garmin Sat Nav the family bought me for my 50th birthday just over two years ago. No dead ends, no railway tracks, easy to update, reliable through France, generally excellent with no problems – until today.

My youngest son had a Rock School exam this afternoon in Darley Dale for his electric guitar.

No More Cheques!

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I recently made a policy decision to not accept cheques any more.

Most retailers have gone this way with shoppers/clients preferring to use their debit/credit cards instead (including me!). I have got to the point of simply expecting every business to accept credit/debit cards and am now somewhat suspicious of any business I come across that doesn’t. I have a chip and pin machine in the office now and this is proving popular both with people calling in to use their card, or just ringing up with the details and paying that way.

Change Is All Around…

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Change is certainly surrounding me at the moment. It was a big step for me to allow a web expert to take over the updates to this website and look after the essential Search Engine optimization bits and bobs.

Sadly though, after just a couple of months, I received an email to say he was giving up his business for personal reasons which remained un-explained. So I have to take this back myself again.

Identity Theft

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I was really chuffed yesterday because I finally settled on a new car after weeks of looking, thinking, trying etc. So I put the order in, paid my deposit and went off twittering about the purchase and the 4 years interest free credit. Today though I had a call from the garage. I was asked to ring the finance company …