VAT – when 15% should actually be 17.5%

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I just wondered if anyone needed some clarification about actually when to change the rate of VAT they charge. I know our beloved chancellor said it will apply from 1st December but… There is an issue you must consider here when you are invoicing for the supply of goods and services. If you supplied goods and services before 17th November …

Recession – What Recession?

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Recessions, boom years, credit crunches… they are all a natural part of our lives.An integral part of the huge economy we are all a part of.You can’t have a boom time without a bust time.They follow each other like night follows day.Life constantly cycles.All the recent noise the experts have been making about global warming for instance.It is a proven …

I’ve Done It!!

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A small task to a techie no doubt, but ploughing through the upgrade of wordpress manually was a nightmare for me. Throughout the entire process I was panicking I would never see my little blog or it’s contents again. Sad really, but now I have finished it I am really chuffed. Especially as it means I have been able to apply the new theme.

What Happens If You Lose Your Business Records??

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Lost records have been a problem since time began. Sometimes the loss is genuine and records ruined in fire or floods etc., but sometimes the “loss” is a smokescreen because the business person thinks they can outsmart HMRC by claiming the records are lost. HMRC has lots of information sources they can access in these situations, including digging into your …

A Challenge For You!!

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It seems that there are still countless thousands of households using BT for their phone calls at their extortionate call rates.  These days there are lots of alternatives to BT as long as you still have your BT phone line and Tiscali is one of those but also offer so much more.    To qualify, you just have to be a …