Seminars – What A Pain In The Ear!

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I was all excited last week to be heading off to an internet marketing seminar in a posh hotel in Leeds. I arrived early on an overcast morning and as the seminar got underway the temperature outside started climbing. I was engrossed in What Ed was telling us and never noticed how wet I was getting from perspiration. By lunch I was dripping but fortunately the content kept my attention away from just how hot I was getting but by the close I knew there was something not right with me. Over the next day or so my temperature started to rise and by the end of the week I was in agony with an ear infection.

New SSL Certificate

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I know you are aware that I take your personal information and privacy very seriously, but up to now I have not secured the areas of this site that need a password entered. I had always thought that passwords on their own were all the security we need. However, I have learnt that a website which collects personal data (names, addresses and email addresses) is still sending those details between the page you enter them on and the webserver itself in plain english for all to (if they have a mind to look) to see.

Do You Know Who Your Target Audience Is?

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It is absolutely vital that you know who your Target Audience is. Why? Because if you send out marketing materials to people that are not likely to need your products/services – you are wasting your time and valuable resources. How do you know who your Target Audience is? Your TA is simply the people that you would like to do …

Why I left Ecademy – the online networking site…

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UK Business Labs Forum I joined Ecademy in March 2008 and was full of interest and excitement as I hadn’t come across anything quite like the site before.  Online networking was new to me then and I was keen to talk to as many people as possible to get my name known and my business recognized somewhere other than this …

Facebook Marketing: Are You Using It In Your Business?

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As a successful business owner, you are constantly wondering how you can attract more business and more clients. If your business is online, the main challenge is how to get more traffic to your website. Marketing is the answer for both online and offline business growth. Without marketing, you will never be able to get targeted traffic into your website, or focused prospects to your business.