Recession Busting Tips

Recession Busting Tips Report

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I originally wrote the Recession Busting Tips Report in October 2008 when the recession was still a “credit crunch”. I wanted to give clients some helpful hints in how to survive and maybe even prosper as the economy sank and the public mood sank with it along with jobs, while business bankruptcies and debts started to rocket.

I have often given a copy of this report to new clients as an idea of the sort of help they can expect from me over time and…


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I am sorry to bother you again today but I suddenly realized in upgrading the theme that I had turned off the most important plug-in of all – the one that notifies you when there is a new post.

If this is the first time you have heard from me this week, there are a couple of posts before this one that y0u many be interested in reading. Please pop over to the site and have a look!

Using the mobile to stand out in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace.

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This is a guest article from the Mobile Marketing Information, Tips and Advice Blog.  With thanks to Marie Preston for allowing this interesting article to be reproduced here for your benefit.  I really hope you enjoy reading and learn some interesting tips at the same time:- The business world is shaping consumers spending habits and businesses today have to adjust …

Subscriber Changes

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In all the alterations I am doing with the websites, I have changed the subscriber opt-in offer on here to give a free copy of the 2009 planning report to new subscribers.  In doing this though I didn’t realize that it would affect the cookie in the web browser so it will no longer acknowledge that you may have subscribed …

Headlines – Help Is At Hand!

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From the recent recession busting tips report feedback, your biggest concern seems to be how to write at least 100 headlines for each campaign so that the “right” one is sure to jump out. Marie E says “I have trouble coming up with one headline – let alone 100!”. Well Marie, you are not alone and so I am putting …