Get Online – Get a free business website today!

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Getting British Business Online is a joint initiative between Google, BT, Enterprise UK and e-skills UK. Every British business can get a FREE website by going to Get British Business Online. The scheme is totally free for 2 years and then you just need to renew your domain and you are set for another 2 years.

Setting up your FREE website will only take a few minutes.

When A Free Gift Causes A Storm Of Protest!

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I am sorry to report that yesterday I witnessed the end of an era.

For a couple of years now I have been learning a lot about the internet and it’s foibles from a likeable chap Ed Rivis. I have read his excellent blog posts and bought 3 of his products. When Ed wrote to his subscriber list recently and said he was starting a monthly magazine with lots of help, advice and suggestions in with the first teaser copy completely free – I immediately said yes – no hesitation.

Don’t Forget The VAT Rate Change!

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Just 24 hours (and a few minutes) to go until the VAT rate changes from 17.5% to 15%. Make sure you have changed your website settings, ebay settings, bookkeeping settings, spreadsheet settings – even your calculator settings to reflect the new rate. The new rate is 15%. When you are calculating the VAT amount in a total, such as a …