Recession Busting Tips

Happy New Year!

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I have been reviewing the various reports I have written over the years and I came across my Recession Busting Tips report that was written in 2008 as we started the steady sink into the current recession. Having re-read it I think the topics in there are as relevant today as they were 4 years ago

Wishing You All A Merry Christmas!!

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I just have time, as I wind down for the holiday, to think back over the past year and of the changes implemented, new client’s met, tax investigations handled, and how everyone has met the worst recession in living memory with humour and determination.

Many familiar, large, businesses have left our lives this year, most notably for us was the loss of Borders at Fosse Park, Leicester, which finally closed at 9pm on the 22nd December. It was

Chris Graduates From Oxford

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Now that Oxford has done all it can for Chris, what hope is there for the 2009 graduates? The recession is still holding recruitment to minimal levels. By the time things pick up there will be a new batch of graduates coming through next year. The 2009 graduates are in danger of becoming the forgotten year. Such a shame as Chris and his peers are a group of seriously talented young minds and I can’t bear the thought that they are going to be let down by the government.

Tax & VAT Fee Insurance Is ESSENTIAL For All Businesses

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I know I have mentioned this a couple of times before but it still annoys me the number of clients that either refuse to pay out the £100 per year or so for the cover, or justify their non-action by thinking “it will never happen to me”.

Since April 2009 the investigation regime has changed. There were few trumpets and dancing girls to announce the change and consquently, 99% of business people have no idea things have changed and what it might mean for them.

HM Revenue & Customs are catching up to the 21st century