Tax Investigations – The New Regime

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I need to make you aware of the new HMRC investigation regime that came into being in April 2010. This is partly due to the old Labour government’s need for cash – but there is no sign yet that the new Coalition will change anything.

HM Revenue and Customs have been charged by the government with two main aims. One, to cut costs and Two, to extract much more money from us tax payers. So as staff are cut, how can they achieve their other aim of increasing revenue?

Wishing You All A Merry Christmas!!

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I just have time, as I wind down for the holiday, to think back over the past year and of the changes implemented, new client’s met, tax investigations handled, and how everyone has met the worst recession in living memory with humour and determination.

Many familiar, large, businesses have left our lives this year, most notably for us was the loss of Borders at Fosse Park, Leicester, which finally closed at 9pm on the 22nd December. It was