VAT Question From A Publican!

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I have just been asked about the VAT increase that is due to happen at 00:01 a.m. on the 1st January 2010 back to 17.5% and how it affect Pubs/Restaurants that are hosting a New Year’s Eve party. I thought it a good idea to clarify this point for everybody who may be wondering.

The rate is due to change at that moment, but for publicans/restaurants lucky enough (these days) to enjoy a busy New Year’s Eve party at their Premises,

VAT – when 15% should actually be 17.5%

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I just wondered if anyone needed some clarification about actually when to change the rate of VAT they charge. I know our beloved chancellor said it will apply from 1st December but… There is an issue you must consider here when you are invoicing for the supply of goods and services. If you supplied goods and services before 17th November …