What Happens Next…

Thankyou for your registration.

You can now access all the posts in full on the site so please have a good look through and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any requests or suggestions for information that you feel may be of interest to others as well as yourself.

There are no plans at the moment to add any further member levels or to charge for any of the general posts and content in the main part of the site.  However other services, such as accounts production, tax work, bookkeeping, coaching and vitual bookkeeping support are chargeable and you will be informed about those charges if and when you are ready to take advantage of those services.

Finally, before you dive into the site, please consider carefully the impact of keeping your own books is having on your business.  Work out how long you spend on your books each night, each weekend, each VAT quarter end etc and then give me a call on 0800 047 0731 and let me tell you how much we will charge.  Letting us look after your bookkeeping frees up a lot of time that you can spend either with your family, or on your business.

Think about it and then give me a call!